Monday, February 22, 2010


mieres 1958
journey into infinity 2009

the video paintings realized by Angel Vergara
highlight the new,paradoxical relations that his
art maintains with painting.In this video image,
we see a hand armed with a brush tirelessly trace
different lines and shapes.The rythm of the work
is sustained-sometimes speedy,sometimes not
but always demostrating an attention to,not to
say a preoccupation with, precision. We see not
just the act of painting, but the work that supports
it: we watch,for example,the hand of the artist as
it goes to rinse the brush in a glass,in order for the
painting to continue.
At a certain point,immersed in the mystery that
surrounds the act of painting,the video image is
transformed into a desire and a need to suspend
time,as if the dance of the tip of the paintbrush
across the image were an exorcism,aimed at holding
captive the immaculate moment, the inexpressible 
absence of progress,within the frame.
The painting that never ends.........


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

O Fantasma

And litanies of lust arise in the dirty draught of this slaughter house